International shipping

About delivery:
We ship by Singapore Post Service on airplane. It's cheap and reliable, costs about 12 USD for a small parcel weighing up to 1 kg to the capital of the selected country.

Singapore Post

On average, a parcel goes 8.. 12 business days. For regions: Middle East, South America it can 4.. 5 business days longer. You can choose the shipping company and the most convenient delivery option yourself. To do this, find the shipping method on the website of the carriers. Then inform us about the desired option by e-mail.


For delivery to logistically difficult regions you can use the company's service TEZ Parcel. For pricing and delivery schedules, contact please their support.

Singapore Post и прочие крупные компании не выполняют доставку в "сложные" страны. В этом случае следует воспользоваться услугой компании TEZ Parcel. Проверьте самостоятельно (выберите регион Малайзия), делают ли они доставку в ваш город. Узнайте цену, сроки и когда будет ближайшая дата отправки из Сингапура. Они отправляют не сразу, а по мере накопления, примерно раз в месяц. Если условия вас удовлетворяют, сделайте нам запрос о покупке.
TEZ Parcel

Terms and conditions

Delivery restrictions:
We are unable to deliver to internationally restricted areas. You should check in advance the possibility of delivery on the site of the transportation company. Or choose the delivery method for your case yourself.

Order rejection:
Your order can be rejected if
1. You ask to change the shipping address
2. The delivery address does not exist

Lithium batteries:
If the device contains batteries. For the 'SingPost' shipping method, the number of items containing lithium batteries will be limited to 4. You cannot order more than 4 items to be shipped in one package. If you need more than 4, should order special delivery "with batteries", for example using the DHL service.

No more than 4 lithium batteries
(Company rules, page 42)

We do not do refunds or product returns. You buy the product at your own risk, one way only. If you don't agree, buy please from another store.

Warranty period:
In the event of a failure within warranty period, the device can be exchanged for a new one. You should return it to the dealer yourself. In case of mechanical damage or disassembly of the product by the user, we will deduct the cost of the damaged parts and the cost of repair work. The cost of shipping both ways is pay by the buyer.

Security policy:
For maximum protection of customer information, our store works on an algorithm that does not require an account registration. The online shop does not collect or store customer data. Your shopping cart and all information about your purchases is saved only in your Internet browser. Don't delete the order receipt that came to your email.

Our warehouse receives only the shipping address and payment confirmation from payment gates. We do not receive or see any information about your credit card.

How to pay

On the shop web pages we show the items price in the US dollars. When you pay in the payment system, a conversion from your currency to the payment currency will be made automatically. Our online store adds a commission for processing the transfer by payment aggregators and their in-system currency exchange. Payment systems will keep this money for their service support. If you do not want to pay additional amounts, write a request to our sales to discuss the best way to pay.

Cryptocurrency payment:
This method involves a higher fee associated with several intermediate currency-to-currency exchanges. It is not convenient and expensive. The advantage is that you do not depend on the vagaries of the banking system. When you place an order, our store will reserve the order for a day to wait for payment. The store will send you a QR code and a link for payment. The store receives the current cryptocurrency exchange rate every 10 seconds. Therefore, the amount may change until you click the 'Place order' button. If the payment is not made within the waiting period, the order is canceled automatically. You can buy cryptocurrency on any crypto exchange you like or pay us immediately from there.

PayPal payment:
If it is convenient for you, use PayPal. In this case, send us a request and place your order. We will send you a payment link. Then log in to your PayPal account and pay. Unfortunately, interacting with PayPal is quite problematic and not desirable, it does not work in many countries. Its transactions are only processed manually by us. We also include all PayPal fees in the order price.

Revolut payment:
If you use the Revolut system, do money transfer to us. Or request a payment link or top-up card from us. Write your request below in the contact form.

In the Asian region, you can use PayNow for easily pay by a phone number transfer. Write a request to our support to get a payment link.

Оплата в рублях:
Вы можете оплатить заказ самостоятельно, переводом по номеру телефона внутри страны. Это не может быть сделано в автоматическом режиме через наш магазин, ввиду блокировки трансферов. Мы используем обменный курс с этих сайтов: USD to RUB USD to RUB Если условия доставки и цена вас устраивают, сделайте запрос о покупке через Send fast message или любым удобным способом. Контакты внизу страницы.

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